Born and raised in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. I moved to the Delaware seashore the day I graduated from high school. I've come to Fenwick Island every summer of my life and always knew that I would live here in lower Delaware someday. I went to college at Delaware Technical and Community College for Business Administration. I have always been involved in gymnastics and concerned about my physique. I worked for Elaine Powers Figure Salons my last two years in high school teaching up to 4 hours of aerobics each day.

In 1989 I felt the need to increase my training program, the aerobics were not getting me the progress I was looking for. That's when I met Bob and Tony Hall of American Health and Fitness in Fenwick Island. You could say I fell in love with the weights and then my trainer, Tony, who is now my husband.

We were married in the gym under the cable cross-overs on 1/9/93. Tony from the beginning of my bodybuilding career has taught me the correct way to work the muscles and shape my body to my desire. He has his degree in Exercise Physiology and has been lifting since he was in his early teens.

I learned how to diet correctly and luckily found what worked for me. I helped Tony with his diet and together we make a unbeatable team.

I currently work in our health club as a personal trainer and manager located near the Maryland Delaware resort area. I am also in the printing business. I work out of my home and have been a graphic designer for 25+ years.

My mother and father are very supportive of my bodybuilding and anything that I have decided to do for that matter. They never missed a show, they even traveled to Italy with me to go to the World Amateurs. They are always there with their support. I think that they are my biggest fans. Neither of them are a Jack La Lane or a Joannie Griggins but they realize all the hard work that goes into what I do and really respect it. They also see my potential and good genetics has a lot to do with body building. If you do not have the right structure or frame or muscle-growth ability it will hold you back from being a Champion. I am lucky for my parents in a lot of aspects.





I am an avid animal lover. I started a popular internet site for Lost & Found pets to help stray dogs and cats find their way home. I am also involved in animals rescue and the current Vice President of a local cat rescue program Delmarva Cat Connection. We have many animals of our own which all have been stray, abandoned or abused - see our pets.

Here in Sussex County, Delaware I began a Brake For Ducks campaign that creates awareness to motorist that travel on our roads of the terrible road kill problem we have. On some spring days you might see as many as 5 Mallard ducks that are killed on one road. Campaign supporters put up traffic signs, sell bumper stickers and hang posters in local shops to create more awareness. The program has seemed to be a success. I'm so glad that I could make a difference. The awareness is certainly up and the road kills have gone down.


MAX GRAFIX, Artistic, Affordable & Effective - Graphic Design, Printing & Marketing Concepts. This is my business. I have been in the graphic arts/printing business since 1989 and opened Max Grafix in 1995.

Health Club

Energy Gym 24/7 (formerly American Health & Fitness) has been in the fitness business at the Maryland / Delaware beaches for over 20 years. Energy Gym is a 24 hour key card access facility that meets the demands of the busy schedule so that everyone can reach their fitness goals. Located 3.8 miles west on Route 54 in West Fenwick (Selbyville) which is conveniently located near Ocean City, Maryland, and the Bethany Beach - Fenwick Island resorts.


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