Kelly has been with me since birth. She is the oldest of our cats; 14 or 15 years old. She loves attention and hates the other cats. She just wants to be left alone. She has been a great comfort to me at times and hope she has many healthy years left.



Boots is the King of the house. Or atleast he was 5/10/03, he has been with me for approximately 10 years, lived a good happy life but he wandered alot and at one point he didn't come home for a month. I searched for him everywhere, ironically ,the day I sent flyers to all the homes in the development I happened to be at the right place at the right time. I saw him walking across our road. I picked him up and could see he was very, very sick. We immediately went to the vets and x-rays showed he had cancer. He could hardly breath, was oozing gunk from his eyes and mouth. He was suffering...instead of prolonging the inevitable we had him put to sleep. It was horrible.


I still hear his "Meow" telling me "I'm home", he was the most voicetrous cat. Very vocal. I miss him very much, he was soooo beautiful, and the alpha cat here. So sad to see him go.



Midnight was found crying in a side road ditch at midnight. She was a very scared little kitty. She ended up a casualty to the road we live on but had several good years with us. She visited me in bed the night she was hit (which she never did) kinda like saying goodbye.



Emily showed up one day with 4 kittens asking for help. Of course I took her in and found homes for 3 of the kittens. But poor Emily 3 years later had to be put to sleep because she became mysteriously, deathly ill. She was a very gentile cat and good mother.



Emily's two young ens, Ying yang in the one on the left. He is another casualty of the road. He was a very playful little kitty. Miss him greatly.

We found a home for the little girl on the right.


One Eye

One Eye is the guy on the left. Kelly (on right) doesn't get along with anyone. She always gave him a hard time. Unfortuneatly I accidentally ran over him in our driveway leaving for the gym in a hurry one morning. Now we have "cat-crossing" signs posted so it never happens again.



Dizzer is another stray cat that just showed up one day. I don't know if he ever owned a person before because he was still very wild when he first started showing up. But now he's moved right in and part if the decor.




AKA: Fluff-Fluff just showed up one day on my deck and liked it here so she stayed.

Seven years later she came down with liver disease, she was a very sick girl. Crouching all day long, not moving, not eating, my vet really did his best to save her but the disease got the best of her and I decided to humanely put her to sleep. She was a brave cat who never backed down to my dogs - she was a beautiful girl who knew she was special. Still to this day I can not believe that some human would have abandoned her, I am glad I was there to pick up the pieces for her when she needed a place to go. She found me and I loved her for her lifetime.and mine.




Lu-Lu and his brother below (and two others) were found in a dumpster on a sweltering day in August. They and their mother were shoved in a potato sack and thrown away. We were digging for compost material, heard them first then found them. The mother took off and we kept these two and found homes for the two girls. Lew-Lew is wonderful, wonderful cat and beautiful too. Hard to believe there are people that cold in the world.



Twerp has his own story. He was the runt of the litter so we called him Twerp, but he grew to be my biggest cat, over 20lbs. He got into the road one night and got hit very badly but dragged himself home and waited till I got up. He was flailing around on the ground when I saw him, he was cut wide-open about 5 inches long and 3 inches across. But my vet is an excellent one and now he his the most loving cat in the house. A little scardy cat but its better that way.




Revlon is a sweet little guy. He was actually found the very same day that Emily was put to sleep. He is irresistibly cute.



Blackie came to me when she was a kitten and really needed help. She was starving and had a broken leg. After some TLC and good food she healed up very well and has become one of the family. She loves the dogs, other cats and is as black as night.



We call this photo: "You've Come A Long Way Scruffy"

Cause she was found on the road 8 years ago (1995) and has had the best of everything ever since.



...Looking For Cats

Read this dogs story...

Grettle and a fellow companion showed up at my office one day. I took them in and could tell they belonged to somebody. But her buddy was not very friendly to our other dog Scruffy so I figured if the S.P.C.A. would take them into custody the owner would surely call about them and get them back. Well they went in "the pound" on Monday evening and the whole week went by and I called everyday but no one claimed the dogs. I put up posters, put ads in the paper, faxed all the vets in the area, all the animal supply stores and prayed heavily and nothing.

Since one of these dogs had a Blue Tongue (Chow-mix) the S.P.C.A. would give it no adoption possibilities; he was on "Death Row". Well I felt so responsible that I went up and adopted the female "Grettle" she's a Rotweiler/Doberman. The S.P.C.A. said I could adopt the Chow mix if I wanted but they wouldn't adopt him out elsewise. So I asked them to promise that they would give me until Monday at 3:30 to decide. Well we took Grettle home and she is a handful but a GOOD DOG.

Well Saturday night the acual owner of the dogs called me after a neighbor saw my signs and put a note on his door with my #. He had lost the dogs Sunday 12/5/99 but was out of town for the week. The owner did called the SPCA on Monday A.M. but they never made the connection. And believe it or not I found out that Grettle was Tattooed and that the SPCA never discovered it. I told him about the ordeal and I told him I would pick up the dog for him. Well the owner happily picked up Forrest (the Chow mix) on Monday 12/13/99 from me. He told us we could keep Grettle (old name Nala) because we fell in love with her. She's a cool dog!

To think that the SPCA was going to put these two dogs down on Monday is just sickening, these two dogs would have been needlessly killed. Like hundreds of thousands that senselessly are. I am thankful to God that this worked out differently.



"The Coolest Dog anyone could ever have"

Petey is a stray dog that was never claimed, he is approx. 5 months old (8/13/00). He has a wonderful personality, he loves everybody and he demands that you love him back. You just can't ignore the Pete. He will sit in a chair just like a person, throw himself on his back so you could rub his belly. He is the sweetest most loving dog. Yes stubborn as they come but cute while doing it. (5/22/03) Petey is mine or at least was. One evening in March of 2003 he broke off the chain I used when he'd go outside at our health club, our other Rottie mix slipped out the door, the two of them took off. I didn't realize it for about 15 minutes, when I realized the chain was still attached to Petey, I paniced, we, my husband and I immediately went out to look for them. We searched and searched they went into woods and marsh, and field. Gretel came back about 3 hours later, Petey never came home.

We searched for days, hours after hours to try to find him alive and caught on some tree, all the while praying that he was picked up by some one and safely sleeping in someones bed. On day three of the search, we got a call from someone who apparently had seen something white floating in the canal. To my utterly shattered heart, it indeed was my Petey Boy, he had drowned with the chain caught around him so that he couldn't swim. I shutter at the thought of his suffering and pain. It is the most horrible way to die for such a sweet and inoccent dog.

I wish so much that I could just hear his bark and see him fly in the room and I could scratch his butt again. He was undoubtedly my favorite, my companion, my friend and absolutely irreplacable. I will miss him till the day I die.

Petey being cool and the center of attention, just the way he liked it!



The Last and Final Animal Addition...

This cool looking dog was living on top of a trash heap on a back country road. I would go by daily and feed him, trying to win his trust so I could rescue him. After weeks of trying he finally befreinded a local young boy who was able to get ahold of him for me. I took him home and my husband (again) fell in love. I agreed to keep Bayer since he was a Chow mix and sometimes was frightened by stangers. He's a great dog. My husband knows his pets well.



Get Your Pet Neutered!

No ands, ifs, or breeds!


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