Baltimore, MD

One of the best times I had competing. Talk about feeling like your on top of the world; I won the middleweight class and Overall Womans Title and not to mention my husband and I won the Overall Couples Championships at the same contest. Everything was just going right that day! I had my home-town crowd who came to Baltimore to cheer me on. It was great!

Believe it or not Betty Pariso was in the heavyweight class and didn't make the top five. Also ironically Kristy Kelley (a two-time Team Universe Champ) placed 5th in the middleweights and Donna Kaylor (also a Team Universe Champ) placed in the lightweight class at this show. We as a group represented the US at the 1996 WomensWorld Amatuer competition in Rimini, Italy in 1996

photos by J.M. Manion
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Orlando, Florida

photo by Doris Barrilleaux

94 Nationals was one of the most disappointing contests even though I placed 4th in the Middleweights. I was really hoping to do better. Carmella Curleton won the middles that year, Chris Bonjiovoni took second but she looked great. I was really disappointed that I was placed 4th behind Tracy Guillespe, and Jennifer Greenbaum took 5th.

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photoby Dennis Lee
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